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The artist Papia has a wide degree of creative latitude. She is a painter by PASSION. In her paintings Papia takes a free and open look
into the MALE WORLD. A bold and deliberate attempt to break through the boundary between desire and reality.

On Papia..


"She is animated by a very deep consciousness of her being as a woman, and the relations between the sexes." - Pavan K Varma Director General, ICCR, New Delhi. Former Director, Nehru Centre, London.


"Transformations are the main springs of Papia's vision." - Christopher Arkell, Proprietor and Publisher of the London Magazine. Proprietor and Editor of the London Miscellany


"The human body is a temple; it is always, also, a prism through which the different shades of society can be perceived. In Papia’s work one can sense the twin aspects of devotion and investigation, as exemplified by the creative interpretation of the male anatomy." - Ashoke Vishwanathan, Film Maker