Papia Ghoshal


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lines from her new book 'Second Sight'
gestation overruns
epigraph overruns
joss stick overruns
pacifism overruns
dying & almost dying
seems a thimble apart
her anklet melts..
one, two, three, four..
his rythm approaches lyrical
sure, unsure, near, nearer..
each lump of fever
each pronoun of the mass
each sky of the bay
each day after each day
each birth she jumps
she jumps with style
days of dysmenorrhoea
days of cerebration
serviettes treated as leaves
leaves treated as fossils
the air above breathes to faith, it is fallow...
last night was our outcrop lust, just
and more
morning's silent with no sex, just
and more
silent us, the homeless, just
and more
now time's for the dance tide, just
and more